Jordan's Trip: Bring the Kids

Keep the kids entertained on this family-friendly, fun and relaxing road trip around The County


Skate parks and trails

Shake off the car ride at free outdoor parks and trails

Take in a show

Check out live venues for kids' shows and programming

Restaurants the whole family will love

Meals where no one has to compromise

A County Itinerary

Family Road Trip: Around The County

Mentioned in this itinerary

  • lakecroft

    Lakecroft in Prince Edward County offers lakefront accommodation in Nordic Tents, gardens, and chalets for relaxing getaways, events, and memorable experiences.

  • Beacon Bike+Brew

    Picton's BEACON BIKE + BREW offers a licensed coffee, drink, snack, and retail space, with a focus on cycling accessories and local fare.

  • Millennium Trail

    The Millennium Trail in Prince Edward County is a scenic 46km recreational path, connecting communities and offering access to local attractions.

  • Parsons Brewing Company

    Parsons Brewery, a family-owned farm brewery in Prince Edward County, offers craft beers, local drinks, and a laid-back communal experience since 2016.

  • Books & Company

    Books & Company: independent bookstore in downtown Picton, Prince Edward County. New and used books, games, toys, stationery, music, and more. Discover treasures here.

  • The Regent Theatre

    The Regent Theatre in Picton, Ontario, hosts live theatre, music, movies, and fine arts programs since 1922, reflecting Prince Edward County's community.

  • Slickers County Ice Cream

    Slickers County Ice Cream, handmade in Prince Edward County with fresh, local ingredients. Two locations in Picton and Bloomfield offer delightful treats.

    Tips for your family trip

    Jordan's Insider Tips

    Jordan and his wife Stephanie moved to Prince Edward County in 2015, and in the summer of 2019 they opened Beacon Bike + Brew on Picton’s main street. The full-service, licensed café, bike shop and community hub combines their love of design, coffee, entertaining, and being active.

    What are your insider tips to help people have a great trip to The County?

    Plan ahead, twice. Make plans and backup plans. The County is huge and you might get caught having too much of a good time to make it to your next stop. Also, make sure to visit in the Fall, when the colours and harvest are unbeatable.

    If PEC was a movie, what genre would it be?

    It would be a rags to riches to rags story with the protagonists learning that having time and space with loved ones is paramount. The County is not all Chardonnay and dinner parties, but hard work and new beginnings, challenges and rewards. A story of someone living peacefully in a beautiful setting.

    Want to stay longer?

    If you’re staying in The County for a few more days, Jordan has even more ideas. For a perfect day, drive down to Point Petre for a stroll, pack a lunch from one of our favourite farm stands, go for a dip then head to Picton for some family fun and refreshments.

    Grab a bite or snacks and head over to the skate park and see what’s happening at the Crystal Palace, then walk over to Cones and Shakes for an ice cream, pop into Ralph’s for something to BBQ and stop by Slake on the way home for a beer and view. Wrap everything up with dinner, a fire and star gazing.

    Outdoors is Child's Play

    After a long drive, what you really want to do is play and explore outdoors. The County has great outdoor trails like the Millennium Trail and the County Conservation Area. Base 31’s Sensory Garden is also great place to spend an hour or two.