The Responsible Tourism Travel Pledge

Leave The County even better than you found it.

Are you planning a getaway to The County in 2024? Is your heart set on a visit brimming with wine tastings, sand dunes, and mouthwatering farm-to-table feasts? Well, rest assured, we’re looking forward to welcoming you and ensuring your visit surpasses expectations. But, here’s the deal, we know you’re a responsible, conscientious traveler, but we’re giving you the chance to shine even brighter. That’s why we’ve whipped up our Responsible Travel Pledge where you can pledge to take responsibility for your actions and be mindful of the impact you and your travel companions might have. Are you in? Let’s do this!

Be respectful

Welcome to our home. We hope to share PEC’s values, culture and community while you’re here.

Plan ahead

Take time to research, reserve and plan your trip before you leave home. PEC is much bigger and busier than you think. 

Make a reservation at one of our delicious restaurants, and check out what events are happening when you’re in the region.

Leave no trace

Leave PEC as you found it or possible, better than when you arrived.
If you’re camping, make sure to pack out your garbage. Please don’t use the garbage cans on our picturesque small town streets for your household trash.

Support local

There is an abundance of County-made products. Have fun discovering them!

Check in

Visitor information kiosks are ready to help you travel smart by providing trip tips and local know-how.

Drive safe

Practice safe driving habits on our rural routes. Learn to share the road with farm equipment, bicyclists, and yup, turtles.

Go green

It’s in our ‘nature’ to protect PEC. Tread lightly and lower your impact on the environment.