We’re bringing you three weeks of culinary delight right here in Prince Edward County. Indulge in dishes from both your favourite local restaurants and those exciting new spots you’ve been dying to try. 

Savouring local, sharing community love

This is your invitation to savour, celebrate, and support our vibrant local culinary scene. The chefs and farmers in The County have been working together to bring you a prix fixe menu showcasing locally sourced ingredients. 

Please note that Countylicious will be back October 24th - November 17th 2024.

Meet the Producers

Experiencing Countylicious isn't just a visit; it's a journey into the taste of the region. Around here we don’t just talk about where our food comes from — we appreciate the hands that grew, caught, chopped, brewed, or fermented it.

The gastronomic capital of Ontario
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