Aug 17

The Barnyard Stage @Karlo - Benj Rowland

Karlo Estates

Music theatre

Benj Rowland will be joining us Saturday 17th of August : 6:30 - 8:30.

Benj - BIOSurrounded by a captivating ensemble of musical instruments, including the bouzouki, tenor guitar,hurdy-gurdy, accordions, and a foot keyboard synthesizer, Benj Rowland creates a mesmerizing sonicexperience that beckons audiences to immerse themselves in his world of music.As a self-described "community-trained" musician, Benj Rowland approaches folk music with a deep-rooted reverence for tradition, having honed his instrumental and performance skills within the vibranttapestry of his culturally rich upbringing. Hailing from this musical heritage, Benj's compositionsreflect an amalgamation of various influences, such as Celtic, Cajun, Oldtime, and Balfolk.After an extensive journey spanning over 15 years, during which he was a member of various musicalensembles, Benj embarked on a solo career following the release of his 2022 album, "CommunityGarden," produced by Joel Plaskett.Throughout his career, Benj has shared the stage with a plethora of renowned artists and contributed hismusical talents to numerous albums by fellow musicians. Additionally, he has recently ventured intothe realms of scoring and live performance for theatre and dance, expanding his artistic horizons.

Join us early/join us for the set and stay til 9:00PM for wine and light bites ordered from the Karlo menu.

No ticket required in advance but these nights are popular so show up early :)

Look forward to seeing you there.

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