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The County was named ‘the Gastronomic Capital of Ontario’ by The Globe and Mail and our chefs don’t disappoint. Seasonal menus will have you eating your way through The County year-round, and there’s something for every palate. Don’t worry if you forget your dinner-jacket—from food trucks to fine dining, shirts and shoes will get you service.

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Prince Edward County has a rich agricultural history, with a legacy spanning over 200 years. Experience the essence of "Farm Fresh" at the dozens of County farm stands dotting the island. Explore the vibrant Farmers' Markets, where you can shop for groceries and enjoy a delightful lunch while meeting local growers and artisans. From artisanal hot sauce crafted from extra hot peppers to organic heirloom popcorn and savory sauerkraut, agri-product entrepreneurs are putting together flavours and fusions that will make you want to stock up – and you’ll likely eat half before you get home.

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Explore your possibilities with Countylicious, our twice-annual prix fixe promotion. This delectable experience is made possible by the dedication of our local chefs, farmers and food producers, the culinary creatives who craft mouth-watering menus from these ingredients, and the exceptional hospitality staff, including servers and cooks, who ensure your dining experience is truly unforgettable.

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