Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area

Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area (NWA) was one of the first sites in Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Protected Areas Network to protect habitat for migratory passerine birds (songbirds). Located at the tip of a long peninsula on the northeast shore of Lake Ontario, at no other location on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario are birds known to occur in such high densities during migration. Over 330 species have been observed, including songbirds, waterfowl, owls and hawks. Composed of a diversity of habitats including hardwood forests, meadows, grasslands and cobble beaches, this 532-hectare NWA is

part of the globally significant Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area;
used by researchers at the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory’s Canadian Migration Monitoring Network Station to improve our understanding of bird migration and bird populations locally and globally;
an important staging area for migrating bats;
part of the International Network of Monarch Butterfly Reserves.
Public access is allowed on designated trails, on the road and along the beach. Many activities are permitted within designated areas, including boat launching and docking, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, photography, wildlife observation, picnicking (no open fires or charcoal barbeques), and swimming. Fishing is permitted (no lead sinkers). A permit is required for activities outside of designated areas. For more information on permits, please contact the Canadian Wildlife Service regional office.