PEC Kayaks

Experience/Attraction, Beaches, Family Friendly

Kayak Rentals! An easy way to access and enjoy the fresh water when visiting The County. No experience is needed. Day, week, and weekend rates. Everything included. Can be delivered to your location anywhere in The County or launched at one of our many public water access locations.

What’s nearby

  • The Wilfrid

    Reinterpreting the Bed & Breakfast experience in The County. Detailed luxury and sustainable food from these chef and designer hosts. Creative multi-course brunches, a curated wine list, and evening caviar and oyster service. The sunsets from the barn table, fire-pit star gazing, and sauna circuit facilities make it all unique. Open year-round. Adult-only

  • Mirazule

    Escape to a boutique inn with modern architecture and a lakeside view like no other in Prince Edward County for a tranquil retreat.

  • J&W Farms

    J&W Farms offers small batch sunflower seed dips, fresh pestos, and wholesome soups that are vegan, gluten-free, and made with real, understandable ingredients.

  • Music at Port Milford

    Summer Chamber Music Series and Academy in Prince Edward County since 1987. Music at Port Milford brings together promising young musicians with internationally renowned faculty to create an inspiring chamber music festival and school.

  • Mariners Park Museum

    Mariners Park Museum showcases local maritime history. Explore exhibits on fishing, ship building, rum running. Also, see lighthouse, Fort Kente, shipwreck treasures. Admission by donation.