About Visit The County

Visit The County is the official Destination Marketing & Management Orgranization (DMMO) for Prince Edward County. It was created in 2022 to oversee marketing and promotion, product development, visitor services, and support tourism management for the region.

Glenora Ferry

Our Mandate

Visit The County is a Municipal Services Corporation affiliated with The Corporation of The County of Prince Edward. It is funded by a portion of the revenue from the Municipal Accommodations Tax (MAT), a tax paid by visitors and remitted by accommodators to the municipality. Its mandates are to:

  1. Work closely with the municipality and regional partners to strategically advance responsible tourism management, environmental sustainability, and regenerative tourism goals.
  2. Work in partnership and collaboration with various tourism sectors and community stakeholders to promote Prince Edward County and ensure quality destination experiences for all.
  3. Provide efficient, accountable, ethical and transparent governance of Municipal Accommodations Tax investments related to tourism and use their allocated portion to fund marketing, minor tourism related capital projects and tourism product development.
  4. Represent and support the Prince Edward County tourism sector and act as a leader in tourism marketing through management of visitor facing digital accounts, print materials and other promotional assets related to visitor services.
  5. Collect and clearly communicate key tourism statistics, economic and social impact data, and credible information related to market research and travel trends.
  6. Provide a vehicle for the transfer of municipal and other partner assets, physical or financial, for destination marketing and management related to tourism.

Visit The County Staff

Eleanor’s approach to tourism begins with a welcoming host community that embraces ownership of the visitor economy for its sociocultural benefit, economic sustainability and vibrant quality of life.

With over fourteen years of experience supporting the industry at the municipal, regional, and provincial levels of tourism, her passion lies in driving community-led tourism planning, focused on a regionally-aligned approach to strategy, tourism wayfinding planning, and award-winning experience development.

Destination development has been a journey from the boardroom to the classroom, from field-professional to Professor, allowing Eleanor to shape Ontario’s tourism growth by mentoring graduates as future leaders in regenerative destination development, responsible tourism marketing, and niche product development.
Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, and eventually moving to Vancouver, then Toronto, Ali and her spouse chose the thriving Prince Edward County as home to raise their young family.

With a background in hospitality, Ali spent several years bartending and managing establishments such as The Harbord Room, Union restaurant, and Soho House Toronto. Ali then carved her own path into Social Media Management by creating and developing the social profiles for the restaurants she helped manage. For the next 7 years she established brand identities, social profiles and consistent content for over a dozen reputable companies and restaurants helping them effectively grow their brand and business. Some of these include Giulietta, Osteria Giulia, and Cote de Boeuf.

Ali thrives on building community and connections through her creative story telling using photography and videography on several social media platforms. She is a people person to the core that is eager and motivated to share the story of the hard working, industrious and beautiful Prince Edward County.
Lindsay brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of tourism. With her impressive background at RTO 9 (Regional Tourism Organization 9), Lindsay has worked closely with ten distinct destination partners, including Prince Edward County, and has collaborated with many operators throughout South Eastern Ontario.

While remaining dedicated to the world of tourism, Lindsay's true passion lies in developing effective strategies, curating captivating content, and sharing her experience with operators and destination partners. Her aim is to enhance their success and foster growth within the ever-evolving tourism landscape.

When Lindsay isn't immersed in the world of tourism, she’s on the lookout for new and exciting restaurants. And when she's not indulging in delicious food, you can bet she's busy planning her next trip!